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Your Vote is Your Voice... Every Vote Counts

Why Rishi?

I am an activist, engineer, high-tech executive, and Saratoga's councilmember re-elected with the highest votes in city history. I successfully pushed back 8 San Jose Water Company’s rate increases fighting for a million people. I bring a new vision needed in a post-COVID-19 world. I will expand our Silicon Valley economy, address America's healthcare and reduce our supply chain reliance on China, bring manufacturing back. I will always reject PAC money as my run is for the people. In a crisis, I will take charge; we recently called 86,000 quarantined seniors. We helped thousands during the pandemic and recent California fires. I fight for the people by addressing the tough challenges and delivering results. I reduced Saratoga burglaries 41%. I have visited neighbors in each of the 31 cities and census designated places that our congressional leader has never stepped foot into. I have a keen sense of our district challenges. At the debate, I discussed the pragmatics solutions and policy papers, the foundation of my congressional plan. I will get stuff done! I bring fiscally moderate, people-centric leadership; not Left or Right, but Forward.

The Voting Process

Simple instructions below on how to - whether you are a registered voter or not
Questions? Email us campaign@Rishi2020.com or call us at 408 805 5993 - our team is on standby to help you

#1 Register at RegisterToVote.ca.gov.

Vote today or by 8pm on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020.
Find your polling location or vote center below

#2 Are you already registered?

How to Vote---two choices. See below

#2.1: Vote By Mail

5 Steps: Just find your ballot (mailed to you in early October), find a blue/black pen, fill the oval as shown in the picture below, sign the outside of the envelope, and mail it - no postage required. Easy! If you cannot find your ballot, or have questions on voting, call your county office.
NOTE: If you haven't received a Vote By Mail ballot you can call your county's Election Department and request one.

#2.2: Where to drop your ballots?

#2.3 In-person Voting

Find a close by Vote center where you can ask a ballot and vote

#3 Track Your Ballot

Tracking your ballot - when it is mailed, received, and counted - has never been easier.