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Election Outcome

My immense gratitude to you for trusting this run, cannot thank you enough. 🙏 🇺🇸 🙏 We gave it all, but unfortunately fell short. After all the votes are counted (still ~100k votes left) we will likely be at ~40% or 130k-150k votes.

Good news: We have already far exceeded the vote count of any prior challenger in the last 28 years of this district. Very proud of our team and we hold our head high today. We are hearing it loud and clear, via email, text and phone calls - to not stop. We can sense quite a bit of enthusiasm for sure.

Bad news: We fell short of our target 170k votes. The reason? We are still analyzing why one of our target voter segments didn't pan out. Toppling incumbents - especially one with 28 years - is tough. I used to wonder why people take 2 turns. Now I know why. Our take-2 will be in 2 years. #Rishi2022

Feedback: I would love to hear from you. Just submit your candid perspective here.

Disappointed: We are still disappointed we did not win - as that was what we believed in on day 1, all the way to election night. But, our name and branding has been firmly established in the district now. We got noticed - the feedback in the last 2 weeks was incredibly energizing. There are a few campaign gotchas that we could have done better. We know it and intend to fix it!

Let us hold our head high and speak with pride about what we have accomplished together. The story has just started… will end up in a happy place, based on how we have impacted the world. When you stick to principles, only good happens. So, let us all keep fighting the good fight.

I hope I can count on your continued support. It would mean a lot to me.

Proud of our amazing team - more than a thousand that converged over 20 months - found our run worthy and immersed themselves, putting their blood, sweat and tears!! Unfortunately, the run for U.S Congress fell short last night - our first run that didn’t end up as a win - but we will continue fighting the good fight ....for sure!!! My zeal to serve the people of Silicon Valley has been emboldened and we will always push relentlessly.

And we are back today at our bi-weekly city council meeting. My 7th year begins....my final 2 years on the council. A great journey of political service - that keeps on giving.

In gratitude,
🇺🇸 Rishi Kumar 🇺🇸
Candidate for United States Representative, California's District 18 (now 16)