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Outcome of the June 7, 2022 election

We were delighted with the election night results of June 7, 2022. We believe the voters are ready for change; we are poised to win on November 8, 2022 and Silicon Valley will finally send a tech savvy Congressional Representative to Washington.

In November 2020, we won a historic 127,000 votes against the same incumbent - more votes than any prior challenger in 30 years - and we have gained new supporters every week since. We said we are back for victory with the 2022 run and we truly are! Anna Eshoo is facing dwindling support and the district is ready for a new energy and new leadership to take on the tough challenges of our congressional district and America.

I just want to say thank you. It’s been an honor to be running in this race. We are delighted to win (again) one of the top two spots sending us to the November general election. Six other incredible candidates made me a better candidate. I thank each and every one of them for running and we wish them the best of luck. I look forward to debating Congresswoman Anna Eshoo once again about the burning issues of our congressional district and America - just like we did in 2020.

I am proud of our team that brought energy and an innovative spirit to our run: We knocked on 200,000 doors, and walked streets in every city in both Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, as well as the unincorporated coastside. Our Interns were amazing! We had an army of volunteers including many high school and college students and they brought incredible enthusiasm and ideas. We are delighted now to see a surge with our internship applications; the excitement is building up!

We are confident in our ability to win in November. We performed well in a field of eight strong candidates and our campaign team is already forging ahead, winning voters in every neighborhood.

Evaluating the election night numbers, we arrived at some eye-popping conclusions…

Here is the story that the June 7 vote count tell us:

  • Eshoo’s vote count dropped to just 48% this time - 13% points below her 2020 performance during my first run and 25% below her peak… from 73% -> 63% -> 47%.
  • Eshoo spent $1.14 million, a historic high for her compared to any prior primary election, even running expensive TV ads. In most prior primary elections, Eshoo found no need to spend anything. The CD-16 race with 7 primary challengers to Eshoo collectively spent another million (exact numbers will be available after the June 30th filing) - including the PACs - making it one of the most expensive races in the Bay Area, even in comparison to CD-15.
  • An election result below 50% is the clear sign of trouble for a long term 30-year incumbent. Her performance was the second worst in California– only one California Democratic incumbent Congressman (out of 42) did worse than her this year. That was Josh Harder out of the Modesto area in a purple district - very different from the deep blue district we are in.
  • Eshoo's primary election percentage typically maintains for the general election too.

The electorate of the new congressional district 16 is ready for a passing of the baton.