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America has faced decades of increasing budgetary deficits and mismanagement. Our national debt is at $30 trillion as of March 17th, 2022, and in the last 20 years, the federal government has taken steps that have worsened the fiscal health of this country. Our government has funded decades of costly wars and enacted disastrous trade agreements, such as NAFTA, that have resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands of American jobs.

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We can no longer afford to allow such detrimental policies. Our top fiscal priority must be bringing wealth and job security back to the American people and to stop the ballooning national debt. My platform will end costly foreign wars, halt tax increases, renegotiate disadvantageous trade deals, and optimize the public sector to better adapt to technological changes to the public sector.

My fiscal responsibility includes a “no tax increase” approach and fiscal responsibility “cheaper, faster, better” to the public sector. We must leverage industry standard tools to make our government more efficient. Why should game-changing technology only be applied in the private sector? We can improve government efficiency by employing a data-driven approach to public-sector decision making and spending. By harnessing the power that data can provide, we can optimize our policy decisions, service delivery, bureaucracy and ability to innovate. Without increasing the burden on everyday Americans, employing private sector strategies in the public sector, we can provide more for our people.

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