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Rishi Kumar represents the future - the successor to Anna Eshoo


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November 21, 2023

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Rep. Anna Eshoo's retirement is significant

We stand at a crucial crossroads in Silicon Valley and our congressional district. This change signals a significant opportunity for new leadership and fresh perspectives - Rishi Kumar offers the new outlook and technological expertise essential for congressional leaders in Silicon Valley.

As per Rishi Kumar -

"I am grateful for the overwhelming support we have received in the last few hours. Our campaign kept going after the November 2022 election, and has now propelled forward, and we will win next year!

I respect Rep. Eshoo's five decades of public service. I will certainly miss her anticipated contributions to the world of Artificial Intelligence. The foundation of my campaign has been ethics-in-politics, and I will forever reject the special interest group, the dark tainted money. My pledge is that our district will never subvert the interest of the American people…. I will always fight for the people!

Rishi's technology expertise as a C-suite tech executive

Rishi has two decades of experience in the Software & Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry giving him the unique expertise to help guide Silicon Valley into the future.

We need new leadership, not "recycled" establishment & career politicians. Now more than ever, we need leaders who understand technology and those who are able to grapple with the upcoming AI job automation, to prepare American workers and our economy for the future. Silicon Valley needs to dominate as the world’s innovation hub. This is our opportunity to leave an enduring mark on the district for years to come..for our children and our future.

Someone emailed us this and we agreed:
Recycled Water - Yes!
Recycled Politicians - No!

A historical election performance last year

Rishi’s run in 2022 achieved a historic milestone, garnering 42% or 102,000 votes - the highest ever for a challenger against Rep. Anna Eshoo in this district. Rishi won many cities and precincts in this very congressional district (CA-16) - that had never been accomplished before.

Rishi’s widespread backing is a testament to his effective campaign strategies, fundraising prowess, many endorsements, impactful messaging, and deep understanding of community needs and goals.

At a time when America is seeking alternatives to career politicians, Rishi, a dedicated tech executive with pragmatic solutions, stands out.

More about Rishi at RishiKumar.com/AboutRishi
Over the past decade, Rishi has served in various influential roles, while working full-time in the Silicon Valley software industry:
Rishi has served as an Executive Board member of the California Democratic Party, and has served on California Governor’s University of California Regents Selection Committee. As a panelist on the California Department of Education’s Computer Science Implementation panel, Rishi is proud to have implemented California's K-12 Computer Science curriculum.
As an elected leader, Rishi has led with commonsense: Rishi successfully tackled significant challenges such as reducing crime, utility bills, and taxes in his city and regionally. Rishi's reelection with record-breaking votes - highest votes in 66 years of his city of Saratoga - is a testament to his problem-solving capabilities and commitment to effective leadership.

Rishi is ready to serve and ready to hit the ground running!

Media Contact

Julie Lafreniere: - email, Director, Press & Media Relations
Kumar for Congress
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