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Seniors and Youth

I bring a track record of fighting for the right policies when it comes to senior healthcare:

  • I am committed to negotiating and reducing all Medicare drug prices
  • I will expand Medicare to include vision & dental and reduce your healthcare paperwork
  • I'll end the financial exploitation and misdiagnosis of seniors. I’ll stop the privatization of Medicare and protect seniors from Wall Street profiteers. Explanation at RishiKumar.com/medicare
  • I will advocate for benefits for those caring for a senior parent

Senior Citizens & Ageism in the Workforce

Unlike my opponent, I will not support the privatization of Medicare via ACO REACH that jeopardizes senior-healthcare, putting them at the mercy of Wall Street decision makers, and increasing their cost. Unlike my opponent, I support patent reform measures that would curtail patent monopolies allowing less expensive alternatives to be sold and reducing the price of your healthcare.

Find my senior policy statement here.
As a city councilmember, I voted in favor of Saratoga’s designation as an “Age Friendly City.” I raised much needed for the Saratoga Senior Center by launching a Saratoga’s got Talent Annual competition, that brought the youth together to help our seniors. I will continue to support our seniors in Congress. I will adopt a long-term-care policy to address the largest unfunded need of the Baby Boom Generation as they age. I will roll out federal policies and programs through the lens of combating against ageism to prevent age-based discrimination in the workplace. I will support updating the Family and Medical Leave Act to allow benefits to help those caring for an older relative.

Ageism in the work force

Youth Empowerment

Find my education policy here. Youth empowerment is one of my top priorities. I have faith in our youth and have led strong efforts to empower the next generation. It’s important to give the bright young minds of today a steady platform to explore new opportunities and find their voices.

My policy agenda for the youth includes protecting them from the negative effects of social media, preserving their privacy and, as part of the accountability, evaluate Section 230 that protects platforms from lawsuits related to third-party content. Today, the social media platforms have become a mental health issue for teenagers. I will push for features within these applications that include ’take-a-break’ or conduct research on the ways teenagers interact or get influenced with the social media platforms and even asking for access to algorithms, and the negative impact of such algorithms that expose our teenagers to the wrong kind of influence. More eyeballs, more dollars - does not ensure the physical and emotional health of teenagers.

I launched the no-charge Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for youth across Silicon Valley, training, educating and empowering thousands of disadvantaged students. We were able to implement this pathway to empowerment and learning through STEM in many low-income areas of San Jose. I have also hosted the no-charge Lego Robotics Bootcamp for many years to teach robotic design and programming. As a member of the California Computer Science Strategic Implementation Panel, a California Department of Education initiative, we rolled out a K-12 Computer Science curriculum for every K-12 Public School student in California, to go-live in 2022. If we can begin to provide opportunities to all youth, regardless of their family's income level, we can begin to level the playing field in many disadvantaged communities.

As your Congressman, I will work to make education available for the masses - especially for our youth from disadvantaged communities. I support the expansion of early childhood education programs to give the best possible start to all children. My education plan includes vocational programs and innovation centers of excellence funded by the public sector.

My summer internship program for students is in its 6th year and has already empowered hundreds of Bay Area students. Our program allows students to dive deeper into the realm of politics and explore fulfilling community work, while discovering a path for leadership.

As your congressman, I will go beyond surface-level photo ops and enact real change for our youth. I will push efforts across the nation to empower the next generation. Youth across America should discover a dynamic path to success via real opportunities.

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