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Corruption-free representation for U.S. Congress

Democrat for House of Representatives, District CA-16

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Rishi Kumar is poised to win in 2024

In the November 2022 election for U.S. Congress CA-16, Rishi received 102,000 votes - a historic 42.2% of the total vote share.

Rishi won many cities and precincts in the district - the best performance by a challenger in decades.

Rishi achieved this despite being outspent 3:1 by the incumbent who has been in political office for 44 years and will be 82 years old next year.

My Top 3 Priorities

I will leverage the extraordinary technical and financial resources of the richest, most innovative congressional district in America to act on the issues unaddressed for decades such as Medicare for All, reproductive rights, climate change, and stopping the senseless deaths of our children at school. I will defend our democracy, protect our seniors from the exploitation and privatization of Medicare, reduce crime, inflation and the exodus. I'll establish an additional congressional office at the coastside to ensure we prioritize the coastal issues. I will get more done in my first two years than Eshoo has done in decades, and NEVER sell out..
I will push for a cleanup of Washington with term limits, ban congressional insider trading, establish a collaborative problem-solving approach, not divisive partisan politics, with a people-centric agenda, not lobbyist-centric.
As the first tech-savvy representative, I will grow our economy, bring American jobs back to restore our supply chain integrity and ensure that our innovation economy thrives as the world's innovation hub.

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I will expand Silicon Valley's Innovation Economy

As a software hi-tech executive, mechanical engineer by education, I know Silicon Valley's innovation economy and will work tirelessly to jumpstart cutting-edge innovation, restore the integrity of our supply chain, and bring tech jobs back.
I'll solve problems underlying the tech "brain drain" and exodus. I'll ensure we continue to attract the best and the brightest by providing the ecosystem necessary for a thriving innovation economy. I'll launch Entrepreneurship Incubation Centers to nurture startups and foster close collaboration between innovators, students, teachers, and startup investors.
I'll develop a Silicon Valley tech playbook for the greater good of America and the world. Innovation can be profit-driven, but it can't prey on our society's most vulnerable and should unite people, not divide them, while always protecting our privacy rights.

Rishi will NEVER be in the pocketbook of Big Pharma!

I am your crisis-ready Congressional Representative

When the pandemic broke out......I mobilized the calling of 86,000 seniors, helping them by delivering groceries, medications and N95 masks.
When wildfires forced evacuations......I helped neighbors find hotel accommodations and developed a wildfire prevention plan.
When my city experienced a spike in burglaries......I held over a hundred neighborhood meetings that eventually reduced burglaries by almost 50%.
When seniors were hurting because of San Jose Water Company's many rate hikes......I pushed back and defeated nine rate hikes.
When minors - local high school students - were stuck in Europe separated from their parents......I got them reunited with their families.

Hundreds are Endorsing Rishi Kumar

Hi-tech Executive at a Silicon Valley Data, AI and Cloud Company.
Former IBMer

Former Executive Board Member /Delegate (AD28) CA Democratic Party

Member (former), California Computer Science Strategic Implementation Panel

Rolled out a computer science K-12 public school curriculum for California.

M.S Mechanical Engineering, University of Connecticut

“A Community Activist who empowers youth with STEM”