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Quality Of Life

The quality of life in the Bay Area is uniquely impacted by issues such as increasing water rates, rising crime, growing traffic congestion, raging fires, lack of fire insurance, and unaffordable housing with growing homelessness. Many of our communities still face the challenge of accessibility to the internet as an education, innovation tool and even as a citizen safety requirement. Broadband needs to become a utility, as it is a critical tool for getting ahead in the 21st century and for America’s position as a global power. We also need to address our challenges with air traffic noise and preserve our beautiful, natural open spaces. I have a clearly proven track record as an elected leader in lowering crime rates and halting the increasing water bills. As your Representative, I will address these quality of life issues and more, championing Silicon Valley’s cause in Washington. Silicon Valley is the 19th largest economy of the world and our very future hinges upon addressing these challenges and the future sustainability of our innovation economy.

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quality of life

Wellness and Happiness

America’s work-driven culture has led us to become a nation that rarely has time for rest, and stressful work conditions are taking a toll upon our people. Here in Silicon Valley, it has become increasingly difficult to strike a healthy work/life balance. In order to combat the negative impacts of high-stress levels on our health, I will work toward incorporating policies to encourage healthier stress-free living that includes boosting our arts - ensuring that artists, musicians will find a place in our economy. My programs will include promoting cooperation and collaboration amongst our fellow citizens with mutual respect and trust. We should make it easier for Americans to make healthy choices in life and prevent unhealthy products from harming American lives. I have pushed to prevent products like Roundup weed killer from being sprayed in our parks. We must ban toxins masked as food products and promote truthful labeling on our produce, in order for Americans to make informed, healthier choices for them and their families.

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