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Rishi Kumar Will Address the Air Traffic Noise Affecting our District

Many district neighborhoods are adversely affected by the continual flights landing and departing San Francisco Airport, descending at low altitudes over many neighborhoods causing noise and chemical pollution. Studies have found that people living near an airport can experience a higher rate of respiratory problems due to elevated airplane emissions that contain hazardous contaminants. The frustration is felt in many cities of our district.

The issue has remained unresolved for over 5 years. Rep. Jackie Speier has been very active and even hired a pilot on her staff to address this issue.

As your Representative, I will ensure we are working to address the challenges for all our residents. Just because an issue does not impact a majority does not mean we will not focus upon it to seek resolution.

Here are a few options to consider:

  • GBAS (Ground-Based Augmentation System) implementation at Bay Area airports will augment GPS data for incoming aircraft and allow them to make more precise approaches and landings, reducing noise.
  • Air traffic has increased 300% in recent years. It is time we spread the air traffic out by creating alternate airports in different parts of the Bay Area, connected by high speed cutting-edge transportation systems like this. Watch this video
  • Innovative, cutting-edge transportation solutions, that travel much faster than commercial aircrafts, will create an alternative transportation mode, and reduce air traffic.
  • I will team up with Rep. Jackie Speier to apply pressure on the Federal Aviation Administration and support initiatives such as Restore Everyone's Sleep Tonight Act and the Fairness in Airspace.

Watch this video to hear my position on this Air Traffic noise issue impacting our families.

Every family, every neighborhood deserves equal importance and attention, and I intend to do my best standing steadfast by our families in resolving such challenges as speedily as possible.

UPDATE: May 2020

Here are details of a new proposed flight path from a notice from the FAA to Santa Cruz County (and Santa Clara County) requesting information about historic resources that may be impacted by the planned new flight path. Affected Communities are opposed - or will be - to the flight path shift. This issue has not been raised at a Rep. Eshoo tele-conference meeting and Rep. Eshoo has been silent about it. Most residents in Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties are unaware of this impending new NextGen flight path.