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Proposition 209 (Affirmative Action)

I am against Proposition 16 and against the reversal of Prop 209. I was against ACA5 since 2014 when it was SCA5. This proposition does NOT mention anything about economic discrimination, despite the clear economic disparities in college students. We need a better plan than the reversal of Prop 209.

Rishi Kumar took this video at a peaceful protest gathering outside Cupertino City Hall in 2014, protesting against SCA5

I have been working to educate disadvantaged youth (regardless of race) with Shelter-in-Place coding, Entrepreneurship Bootcamps and Lego Robotics Boot camps. Through these programs, I helped provide over 2,000 students from disadvantaged communities a no-charge STEM learning opportunity in areas such as San Jose and East Palo Alto . Furthermore, I was on the CA Dept of Education Computer Science Strategic Implementation Panel, and helped develop the K-12 Computer Science Curriculum for California public school, which will go live in 2022. I also help provide an internship opportunity to Silicon Valley youth through summer Internship programs since 2015. This past summer, we had over a thousand students that were enrolled in my summer internship program.

I believe that the youth are the future of our country. But I cannot support SCA and ACA-5 because it does NOT help the disadvantaged youth of California but possibly even hurt them.