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Coronavirus Information

Coronavirus is America's biggest challenge
The past few months have been trying for many. The challenges of these times have touched me personally. However, they have also shown me what makes this community special — our collective resolve to help each other. When the COVID-19 crisis hit our area, I immediately suspended our campaign and repurposed our grassroots team to help our neighbors. For me, it was a very easy decision.

NPPT Introduction Graphic Once I saw the success of our initial outreach, our campaign organized an official team to continue the good work of community assistance. We called it the Neighborhood Pandemic Preparedness Team (NPPT), modeled after the Neighborhood Safety Watch program, and for the past few weeks we have been able to empower new neighborhood leaders to help their own communities get through this pandemic.

Our first task was to reach out to the senior citizens of our district during shelter-in-place to make sure that all their needs were met — whether it was picking up prescriptions or delivering groceries, we had a neighborhood volunteer ready and excited to do it. Neighbors also started sending emails and walking door to door leaving flyers saying “I can help.” Others pulled out their sewing machines to make masks* for medical professionals fighting the pandemic on the front lines.

There was so much misinformation out there. In just a few weeks, we held over 23 town hall meetings with healthcare professionals, stimulus package experts, college admission counselors, and more. Check them out at RishiKumar.com/RealityCheck. These town halls provided career advice for those laid-off and grappling for answers, information to local businesses regarding loan applications and how to make use of the stimulus package, and college admissions counseling to parents and students worried about a post COVID-19 world.Our Coronavirus page even provided an informative newsletter (see below) that is updated almost daily.

I am so proud of what we have accomplished together. Hundreds of NPPT members have helped thousands of residents so far. We finished calling all 86,000 seniors of our district. We even found a team of mandarin speaking residents who helped mandarin speaking seniors by picking up their lunch boxes from the Sunnyvale senior center and dropping it at their homes.. Many of our volunteers are young high school and college students who have generously given their time and energy to this program. All of our volunteers have together proven just how much we care about seeing our communities succeed during these trying times.

Here are just a few examples of what we have done:

  • Delivered groceries and prescriptions — even favorite coffee orders — to seniors
  • Made and donated 4000 masks to the Valley Medical Foundation
  • Held over 23 town hall meetings with healthcare professionals, stimulus package experts, college admission counselors, and more.
  • Offered Shelter-in-Place Coding classes in AI/ML, Android app development, Java, Python, and Javascript. Held an Entrepreneurship Bootcamp and a Hackathon for area youth

Through the NPPT, I have seen what makes America special — neighbors helping neighbors. Americans everywhere have brought the best of their intellect, energy, and “can-do” attitude to swoop into action and make a difference in this fight. The American spirit is shining brightly in the darkness. That is the story around COVID-19.

The NPPT is still here, ready to help neighbors in need. In times of crisis, we are committed to reaching out to every single person in our district. If you have a need, or would like to join the team, please scroll down below and submit the form.

I am emboldened with this opportunity to truly serve and be of help. My primary responsibility will always be to the constituents of this district, and I look forward to collaborating with you as we take on the tough challenges.

This challenge is going to be my top priority the first two years in Congress. Visit RishiKumar.com/priorities to see our Covid-19 policy priorities.

- Rishi Kumar -

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Reality Check Banner As we practice social isolation during the Coronavirus crisis, face-to-face town hall meetings are not possible, but that doesn't mean that Rishi doesn't want to hear from you. Now more than ever. Join our weekday 6:30pm videocast and discuss Silicon Valley's most pressing issues. Find the video archives in the Reality Check with Rishi page.


Recommendation for Seniors

  1. For 3 weeks, minimize interaction. The ones who are at most risk should impose a self-quarantine. Seniors and those with diabetes, lung disease and heart disease are the ones most at risk - as per CDC
  2. Do not get in contact with your children or grand kids. They can be carriers. Call them, Facetime them, but avoid physical contact

Video Resources for Seniors

Find the “Senior Section” section in the Coronavirus Newsletter above.

Recommendations for Families With Children

Find the “Family Fun and Education” section in the Coronavirus Newsletter above.

Nothing is more critical than the health of your family. Please quarantine yourself at home as much as possible as this virus has a long incubation period. Do not venture out to meet seniors or family members as you or your child may be a carrier. You can look fine but be a carrier.

  • No play dates
  • No sleep overs
  • It is OK to be bored
  • Cancel all activities, trips etc.
  • Spot the spread and flatten the curve
  • With schools closed, here is a good resource for you to access online learning sites of education companies offering free subscriptions due to school closings
  • Just stay put and stay safe
  • Please do not hoard on essentials. Plan ahead and only purchase what you need for 2 weeks. There are many at-risk groups that can be left exposed if you hoard

Recommendations for Small Business Owners

Find the “Small Business” section in the Coronavirus Newsletter above.

Become a Neighborhood Hero

Do you want to help your neighbors who are high-risk and quarantined? We can help you organize a Neighborhood Pandemic Preparedness Team (NPPT) for your neighborhood. Submit your information below and we will invite you to our daily noon for the on-boarding process.

Download this form to offer assistance