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My name is...Rishi Kumar
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Thank you for your support

Thank you! I want to express my immense gratitude to you for trusting this run. I couldn’t have done this without you 🙏 🇺🇸🙏. I have offered my hearty congratulations to Rep. Eshoo on her 15th term and offered my help to address our district's challenges.

How did we do?

We have already far exceeded the vote count of any prior challenger in the last 28 years of this district; 37% vote share. I feel humbled at the strong support. Thank you! If you put up a lawn sign, please pull it from the spot and place it in your garage to be reused later.

Announcing the 2022 Run

We hold our head high about what we have accomplished together. We are hearing it loud and clear to not stop. These sentiments mean a lot to me personally. This is the reason why we are announcing our next run for our congressional district 18. We have filed our candidacy for the 2022 election; we intend to bridge the shortfall of 50,000 votes over the next 2 years. The learning over the last 20 months has been incredible and we are excited about the possibilities. Our district needs dedicated, intelligent leadership and we are ready to take charge.

Let us continue the fight

We set out to build a new future in the last 20 months.. We conducted an unprecedented engagement with our neighbors, wrote many unique and bold policies to address the tough challenges of Silicon Valley and America. We brought forward bold and innovative ideas with a getting-things-done attitude. It is clear that our district residents want it better based on the support our movement has generated.

I am ready and will always keep fighting the good fight. Together, we can.

I hope I can count on your continued support. It would mean a lot to me.
In gratitude
Rishi Kumar

Rishi Kumar Elected to AD28 Executive Board at CA Democratic Party Caucus Elections

Councilmember Rishi Kumar was elected to be a Delegate for the California Democratic Party as well as an E-Board member representing Assembly District 28.

Saratoga, CA, January 16, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Councilmember Rishi Kumar of Saratoga, California was recently elected to the Executive board (E-board) of the California Democratic Party and a Delegate in the 28th Assembly District Caucus voting conducted at Campbell CA on January 13th 2019. He landed the top number of Delegate votes among the “Male/Other than self identified female delegates” running and also got the top spot in the E-Board race. There were a total of thirty-three candidates running in the Delegate election and four for E-board. The race was very competitive, with many slates running together, some with up to 14 men and women running together. Over 1000 people voted in this election.

Rishi was absolutely elated at the results, he later stated. “I am in a bit of awe and shock! We were running against some very remarkable people of AD28. Our Assembly District is in good hands with so many amazing candidates who ran; community, leaders who showed up to evaluate these candidates and discuss issues near and dear to their hearts. There were so many activists who converged to vote, holding Silicon Valley's interest first and foremost and that of our glorious state of California, essentially holding our leaders accountable. What a day for Silicon Valley!” he commented.

Rishi ran on a platform geared towards the people. His message focused on representing the people and their interest and holding strong against special interest groups. His work during his terms as Councilmember of Saratoga certainly reflected the authenticity within his message. He is known to stand firm behind the movement against water hikes in his community which made him a household name in Saratoga. Councilmember Kumar also implemented various safety measures throughout the Saratoga neighborhoods, working with hundreds of neighborhood leaders, that aimed to reduce crime in the city, dropping burglaries by 47%. His success in getting things done in Saratoga in order to address his community’s tough challenges clearly showed the Delegate election voters at Campbell that he was committed to working for the people, bolstering their support for his Delegate and E-Board run.

This will not be Councilmember Kumar’s first experience as E-Board and Delegate for the 28th Assembly District, which covers the cities of Saratoga, Cupertino, Campbell, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, and parts of San Jose. He was first elected to these positions in 2013, winning his very first election as a rookie candidate. Since then, he has been elected to the Saratoga City Council twice – in 2014 and 2018 – winning the most votes in Saratoga’s election history with his latest November 2018 victory. His recent win at Campbell was his 3rd term as E-Board and 4th term as Delegate.

Seeing such democracy at work excited Councilmember Kumar, who noted, “What a turnout today! A total of 1,037 passionately zealous voters showed up. Democracy is working for sure, in fact, alive and kicking. I was very excited to see such grassroots engagement in our assembly district, especially all the passionate community activists who were educating, asking the tough questions and wanting to elect the right kind of Democratic candidates with a people-first attitude.”

As a Delegate for the 28th Assembly District, Councilmember Kumar will have a myriad of responsibilities. First and foremost, he will represent the interests of the people of the 28th Assembly District at various informational meetings throughout the region. He will also work with other Delegates to help plan such meetings. Councilmember Kumar was excited to get going, saying, “I am looking forward to doing a lot of good for our California Democratic Party as the E-Board and Delegate. What an honor!”